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Auditions for TVYP will include:

1. A prepared solo that demonstrates the musician’s highest level of ability. The solo should demonstrate contrasting lyrical and technical passages. Accompanists are not allowed, and duplicate music copies are required.

2. Prepared scales are a major component of the audition. Musicians should demonstrate good tone, pitch and rhythm while performing each scale. Arpeggios not required. Scale requirements are listed for each orchestra below.

  • Percussion: Be prepared to audition in at least one of the following areas:

    • Mallets: Solo, sight-reading, one of major scales in 2 octaves

    • Timpani: Solo, sight-reading and tuning

    • Snare: Solo, sight-reading and the following rudiments:

      1. Long Roll (open-closed-open)

      2. Single Stroke Roll

      3. 8 other standard rudiments of your choosing


Audition tips for the prospective students:

  • Posture and bow holding should reflect an approach to the instrument that will allow consistent technical progress and result in accurate intonation

  • Solos should be performed without accompaniment

  • Sight reading will be selected by the judge(s) at the audition

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the auditions being held?

There may be a few auditions held for open positions in our orchestras through the summer months.

Are there warm-up rooms once I arrive at the audition site?

Yes, we will provide you with a place to warm up.

When should I arrive?

Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before your audition time to locate the warm up room, tune, and warm up. Make sure you allow yourself extra travel time and look out for any possible weather or traffic delays.

Are family and friends allowed in the audition room?

No, only the orchestra member who is auditioning is allowed in the audition room. Family and friends must wait in the warm-up or holding room.

Should I memorize the music?

If you would like to memorize your solos, you are more than welcome to do so, however, memorization is not required.


Does my solo need to be accompanied?

No, all solos will be performed without accompaniment.

How long is the audition?

An average audition is 5 to 8 minutes, though younger players may audition for a shorter time at the discretion of the audition panel. During your audition, you may be stopped by the panel and asked to go to another solo or excerpt. This is common and does not reflect upon your performance.

What should I wear?

Wear nice clothes in which you are comfortable to perform. This is the first impression you will make on those who evaluate you. It is also a good idea to practice in the clothes you plan to wear for the audition at least once. Think about things that could detract from your technique and tone quality such as long earrings and bracelets.

When will I find out if I have been accepted?

Our orchestra manager or executive director will email you in a timely manner.

When and where are rehearsals held?

All orchestra rehearsals are held at Regular rehearsals take place in the evening hours during various weekdays depending on the ensemble. Please check our website for specific rehearsal days and times.

Who do I contact with other questions?

Executive Director :

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